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There are two kinds of criminal defense lawyers: those who are ready and willing to go to trial when necessary, and those who are not.'I am Minnesota attorney Seth B. Cobin, and I am ready and willing to take a case to trial whenever it is in a client's best interest. I have years of valuable courtroom and negotiating experience, including time spent at the Office of the Washington County Public Defender, where I gained the skills to successfully defend even the most difficult cases while still providing my clients with the upfront, practical advice they depend on when facing serious criminal charges.'Criminal defense is my passion, and I work hard to be sure my clients do not have to worry about legal bills when their focus should be on returning to their normal lives as much as possible. I offer payment plans and other ways to help clients who need my skilled defense counsel.'

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  • Domestic Violence Attorney
  • Assault Defense Attorney
  • Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • Dui Attorney
  • Felony Lawyer
  • Gun Rights Lawyer
  • Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Assault Defense Lawyer
  • Felony Attorney
  • Dui Lawyer
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